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LOOK: School board member caught taking clothes off before showering during Zoom meeting

A school board member at a public school in Pittsburgh was accidentally seen taking her clothes off and stepping into the shower after she forgot to turn off her camera during their virtual board meeting.
According to Channel 11 News’ exchange partners at TribLIVE, Veronica Edwards said this experience is a hard lesson to always check your devices and camera first before doing personal errands.
“Hopefully, someone can learn from my experience and turn the camera off when you need to!” she told The Trib.
She explained that she has a lot of virtual meetings than ever before, causing her to try to multi-task when some meetings are occurring.
“Like many women and caregivers across the country, this has been a challenging time to achieve work-life balance, it’s been nearly impossible for me,” she added.
The Trib reported that the incident happen about an hour after a meeting, and that after she went to the shower, she returned to ask a question about a possible language learning software.
“My record is strong and my support of our district and our students is my priority. While I regret the incident, I remain committed, resolved and focused on my responsibilities to educate all children even when I make a personal and private mistake,” her statement read.

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