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Angry woman strips naked at gym after she was refused entry

Screengrab by AsiaOne via CTV News Channel

A woman in Taiwan who flew into rage stripped naked on September 4 after she and her pet cat were refused entry at a gym.

In a report by AsiaOne, the 56-year-old woman became extremely angry after the gym staff did not allow her and her cat to enter. She then started to yell about suing the gym, kicked one of the staff, and went straight to the workout area.

Unhappy that she was not allowed to enter with her pet cat, the 56-year-old stormed into a gym in Tamsui, New Taipei City on Sept 4 night.

The staff called the police and attempted to calm her down, but she managed to break free and then took her clothes off. She walked around naked, allegedly harassed other gym-goers, and verbally abused a coach. The woman, according to the report, even swung some exercise ropes.

After 30 minutes, police arrived, and she was finally restrained—but not after a confrontation with the officers.

AsiaOne reported that the woman’s membership was terminated by the gym after she repeatedly violated their regulations.

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