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WATCH: Video shows how coronavirus droplets spread through just talking, breathing

Screengrab by the video of The UK Government and National Health Service

A video released by the UK government has revealed how the droplets of coronavirus (COVID-19) can travel indoors just by talking and breathing.
As part of its ‘Hands, Face, Space’ campaign, the government have released a two-minute video to remind people the importance of precautionary measures like face masks against viral particles in preparation of the winter—which is expected to generate an increase in the number of cases.
The video, cited by the report of The Daily Mail, shows a shopper leaving a fog of droplets as she goes around the supermarket, while another shows particles coming out of a woman’s mouth while talking with a friend. These droplets are transferred from her hands and face to a smartphone and a mug.
These clips show the importance of wearing face masks, washing hands, and observing distance.
The campaign aims to highlight three important measures to protect oneself against COVID-19. ‘Hands’ means washing of hands regularly, ‘Face’ is for wearing face masks, and ‘Space’ is for keeping a distance of two meters.


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