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Chinese gov’t detects chicken wings positive of COVID-19—report

A sample of frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil reportedly tested positive for the novel coronavirus in the southern Chinese City of Shenzhen.

CNN reported that this is the latest report of contaminated imported food products.

It came a day after coronavirus was also found on the packaging of frozen shrimps from Ecuador during an inspection at a restaurant in eastern Anhui province.

Officials did not name the brand of the imported chicken wings, but it was detected after a surface sample was taken from a batch during the screening, according to Shenzhen officials.

Immediately, contact tracing and testing were done by Shenzhen health authorities to determine who might have come into contact with the product.

All results came back negative. All related products in stock were also sealed off and also tested negative.

The World Health Organization (WHO), in a media briefing on late Thursday evening, said people should not panic with this recent development.

WHO as well as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a statement that transmission of the virus from food to people is “highly unlikely” and the risk of infection by the virus from food products, food packaging, or bags is “thought to be very low”.

Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of WHO’s Health Emergencies Programme, told reporters that people should still “feel comfortable and feel safe” even with these reports.

He added that proper food handling and cooking it properly is also one way to keep food from being contaminated.

Since last month, there have been seven instances where the virus was detected on the packaging of imported seafood products in China.

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