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LOOK: South Korea installs modern, smart bus stops against COVID-19

South Korea recently installed ten brand new, high tech smart bus shelters designed to offer protection against the summer heat, monsoon rains and the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

These bus shelters, that cost $84,000 each (AED have temperature-checking doors and ultraviolet disinfection lamps where passengers can only enter if their temperature is below 37.5 degrees celsius. Their temperatures will be checked through an automated thermal-imaging camera. A separate camera is installed lower down to test children. Free Wi-Fi is also included.

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Within each of the ten smart bus shelters are air-conditioning systems fitted with ultraviolet lamps to both provide cool air and kill viruses at the same time.

Bus shelter users are advised to use the dispenser to sanitize their hands upon entry and prior to leaving the shelter, wear masks all the time, and practice social distancing of at least one meter.

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“We have installed all the available anti-coronavirus measures we can think of into this booth,” Kim Hwang-yun, a district official in charge of the Smart Shelter project, told AFP.

Kim furthered that each booth has been used by an average of 300 to 400 people daily.

Passengers also see the estimated arrival times of the buses on a panel, while another screen livestreams the traffic outside the area.

Commuters wait for buses at a “smart shelter” high-tech bus stop in Seongdong-gu District, Seoul, Aug. 3, 2020. Photo from Seongdong-gu District Office/

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