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Wuhan reports lung damage in 90% of 100 recovered COVID-19 patients

The city of Wuhan on August 4 confirmed that most of the recovered patients of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the city still suffer from lung damage.
In a report by People’s Daily China, officials stated that 90 percent of 100 recovered –or nine out of 10—survivors have reported lung impairment despite having fully recovered from the disease.
In addition, Wuhan’s follow-up studies also reported that 10 percent of recovered patients have lost antibodies.
Meanwhile, five percent of survivors in the city has been quarantined again after testing positive for the virus for the second time.
Accounts of survivors across the world, including the UAE, have shown that COVID-19 has changed the health of most recovered patients for the worse—including irregularities in their mind and bodies. Many have noted that that they now find it hard to breathe at all times, they get fatigued easily, and they are having trouble sleeping. Some, meanwhile, reported cognitive impairments and frequent confusion episodes.

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