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COVID-19: No deaths in UAE for past four days, recoveries reach 55,000+

The Ministry of Health and Protection (MoHaP) recently conducted an additional 29,398 tests that led to the discovery of 189 new cases, bringing the total number of confirmed COVID-19 patients to 61,352.

The ministry also reported that no one has died of COVID-19 for the past 96 hours. The country’s total death toll remains at 351.

In addition, the UAE has reported over 227 fully recovered patients, with the total now at 55,090.

This brings the total number of active cases lower from yesterday’s 5,949 to 5,911 as of August 4.

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His Excellency Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention praised the role of the front line medical teams and first responders and their great efforts since the beginning of the pandemic Al Owais added that the early detection of cases and the application of advanced treatment protocols contributed to a continuous increase in the rates of recovery, with the ratio now reaching nearly 90%, giving the UAE among the highest rates of recovery in the world.

Al Owais stressed that social visits and communication without observing the rules of physical separation constitute the greatest challenge in the battle against COVID-19, and he asked that the public’s commitment to observing preventive measures would help to preserve the current successes and help to achieve greater achievements in the future.

Dr Al Hammadi stressed that a healthy lifestyle plays an important role in protecting the body and leads to the strengthening of the immune system, noting that it is necessary to protect it from negative external interventions that include smoking, sleep disorders, lack of exercise, weight gain and psychological factors, in addition to not eating a healthy diet of vegetables and fruits.

Dr Al Hammadi also warned against using products that claim to stimulate the immune system against the virus, as they often exploit people’s fear and anxiety.

He stressed the need to continue to wear masks because of their ability to limit the spread of the virus, which is transmitted mainly through direct contact with the infected, and through spray coming from coughs and sneezes.

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