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‘Bayaniyan o maytamayan’: PH lawmaker pushes for ‘shame and fame’ campaign

Photo by PNA/Avito C. Dalan

A lawmaker in the Philippines is pushing for a “shame and fame campaign” to be implemented as part of the government’s response to coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

Deputy Speaker Dan Fernandez said on Tuesday in a report by GMA News that this will apply to COVID-19 patients and those who discriminate them.

He explained that COVID-19 patients who would volunteer to disclose their identities in order to help the government’s contact tracing efforts will be described as “bayaniyan” (Bayani ‘yan) and should be given the fame they deserve.

However, those who will discriminate these patients will be tagged as “maytamayan” (may tama ‘yan) and be shamed for doing so.

According to Fernandez, those COVID-19 patients who will choose to disclose their identities will greatly help the government in their contact tracing efforts.

Meanwhile, in the UAE, residents who violate any COVID-19 precautionary measures will not only pay hefty fines but their faces and names will appear on the social media account of the UAE’s Public Prosecution.

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