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Filipinos in Dubai, Northern Emirates can contact PH Consulate through WhatsApp hotline

The Philippine Consulate in Dubai reminded Filipinos that they can seek help through the WhatsApp hotline number for their concerns prior to visiting the consulate.

Filipinos in Dubai and the Northern Emirates are advised to contact the WhatsApp number: 056 417 7558

This WhatsApp hotline responds to inquiries through messages. The Philippine Consulate urges individuals to send messages instead of calling the aforementioned number.

Meanwhile, Filipinos can also email the following for specific concerns:

Passport and Travel Document: [email protected]
Passport Releasing: [email protected]
Notarization and authentication of legal documents: [email protected]
Birth/Repatriation of remains: [email protected]
Marriage: [email protected]
Visa: [email protected]
Assistance-to-Nationals: [email protected]

Those with emergency cases can contact the following Assistance-to-Nationals hotlines:

056 501 5755
056 501 5756

Neil Bie

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