Luxembourg to test all citizens for COVID-19

Luxembourg is eyeing for large-scale testing of its citizens for COVID-19 next month, its government announced Tuesday.
The Grand Duchy will conduct 20,000 tests per day, AFP reported.
“We’ll have tested the whole population of the country within a month,” Claude Meisch, the country’s minister for research and higher education.
Luxembourg earmarked €40 million (Dhs159 million) for the nationwide test.
Meisch said the tests are voluntary for its 600,000 citizens and are also available for cross-border workers.
The ambitious plan will boost the country testing capacity which has carried out 39,000 tests already.
A total of 8,500 students and teachers will be tested before the reopening of schools on May 4.
The country has logged 3,729 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 88 deaths.

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