Physiotherapist in Bahrain arrested for defamation after claiming students sell drugs

Bahrain’s Major Criminal Court sentenced a well-known psychotherapist in Bahrain to one-year of imprisonment on November 15 for defamation regarding the students of a public school, The Daily Tribune News of Bahrain reported.

According to Capital Governorate Prosecution Chief Prosecutor Nawaf Al Awadhi, the woman posted a video on Instagram earlier this year, in which she claimed that two girls from Hamad Town Intermediate Girls’ School were selling Lyrica pills—a drug used to treat epilepsy, anxiety, and other mental disorders—inside the school premises.

The students were then suspended for drug possession and drug pushing. However, after an intensive investigation by the Public Prosecution, it was found that none of the girls were ever caught with the pills in their possession, and that the video did not completely show them selling the drugs.

The psychotherapist was then accused of falsifying information and breaking code of ethics, and a case was filed against her.

She was then found guilty of defamation, and will now face jail-time along with a fine of Bh200.

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