Shari’a seminar conducted for OFWs in Saudi Arabia

The Philippine Embassy in Saudi Arabia on October 18 held a seminar about the Shari’a law to help Filipinos based in the Kingdom be familiarized with its rules and regulations.

The seminar, conducted on the Embassy grounds at 4 PM, was attended by dozens of Filipino expats. It talked about the core of Shari’a Law and how Saudi’s constitution was based on following it.

“Dito po sa seminar, ating nalaman ang ang wastong pamamaraan ng pagpapakasal ayon sa Islam, ganun din ang mga kaakibat na obligasyon nito,” The Embassy said in a statement posted on its Facebook page.

The main speaker, Shari’a lawyer Tomara Ayo, said that this legal workshop is important for Overseas Filipino Workers in Saudi Arabia as the nation strictly base all its decrees on this law.

“Iba ang legal system dito sa Saudi. When in Saudi Arabia, make sure na ang batas nila ang susundin natin—kahit ano pa ang kinaibahan niya sa batas ng Pilipinas o ng iba pang bansa. We should know and internalize it in our daily lives so we won’t be put in a troubling position,” he said.

Aside from the general facts of the Shari’a Law, Ayo also held talks about the nature of marriage, divorce, and inheritance in accordance with it.

Shari’a is the Islamic law based on the Quran, the Islamic religious text, and Sunnah, the body of literature which prescribes the traditional customs and practices of the Islamic community. No law has been and shall be passed that contravenes them.

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