Residents, businesses in Bahrain warned against cybercrimes via social media

A social media expert in Bahrain has warned residents and local companies that excessive use of social media can make them easy targets for cybercrime, The Daily Tribune News of Bahrain reported.

Emman Allawi said that individuals and Bahraini companies are at risk for cyber-security risks if they continue to use social media carelessly as a means of communication and promotion.

Allawi added that based on their research, they found that certain businesses have their official accounts accessed through multiple devices by multiple employees—a problem she believes must be addressed urgently. Hackers, she said, steal millions of users’ information that causes USD 40 billion in annual losses in businesses’ income worldwide.

“The passwords and usernames of such accounts are usually handled carelessly, so we must give more focus to cybersecurity in relation to social media,” The Daily Tribune News of Bahrain quoted her as saying.

As for individuals, she said that those who leniently store and share their personal and professional data on social media can make them vulnerable targets.

However, Allawi also noted the importance of social media in the development of one’s reputation as well as business—a reason she reminded everyone to get the best and secure methods for getting virtual interactions.

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