Hen Lin’s first-ever store in UAE steams oriental goodness at affordable prices

Filipinos who grew up in the early ‘80s and ‘90s would definitely be reminded of that quaint yellow stall at malls that offers that uniquely delicious siopao and siomai. Today, you can enjoy that same taste that you’ve long been waiting for as Hen Lin opens their first shop in the UAE!

The first-ever store is located at the Gourmet Express, 3rd floor of Al Wahda Mall Extension where thousands of Filipinos craving for their favorite dimsum enjoy their favorite comfort food once again, all at affordable prices. Here are our thoughts:

The Ambiance

Hen Lin’s first store here in the UAE incorporates their traditional stall with a modern twist: While people may be used to seeing the usual counter and service crew providing their meal, Hen Lin allows customers to see exactly how their siopaos and siomais are being prepared with a viewing area dedicated just for that.

This is in addition to all of their staff who were flown all the way from the Philippines in order to assure customers that they will enjoy the authentic Hen Lin taste as well as that Filipino brand of hospitality that each server shows with their genuine smiles and hearts of service.

The Food

Hen Lin came into the UAE prepared to satisfy the cravings of Filipinos in multitudes of oriental offerings. Here are a few of them:

The Dimsum. Hen Lin’s classic treats, their Siopao and Siomai stay true to their original taste from back in the Philippines.

The Siopao bread alone already gives that faint sweetness and when the flavors of the Chicken Bola Bola, Chicken Asado and Beef Asado are infused with each bite, you’re sure to enjoy the quality of the taste without having to worry about the price as it’s just starts from Dh 6 for a whole Siopao!

The Siomai variety of Hen Lin: Chicken Shrimp, Chicken Vegetable, and Beef Crab provide a distinct taste for each bite which is very well complemented by the classic Hen Lin Chili Sauce that has been really well-loved by all Filipinos for decades now. Each order of Hen Lin’s Siomai is very, very affordable starting at Dh 8 so you don’t even have to worry about spending too much to enjoy a nice meal.

The Noodles. Nothing beats a nice, warm soup to sip slowly as you taste how the meaty juices are infused within the soup base as well as within each strand of the soft, chewy noodles. Hen Lin offers an affordable wide selection of their Mamis starting from just Dh 12 including Beef Mami, Beef Wanton Mami, Chicken Mami, and Wanton Mami. The taste of their Pancit Canton noodles is so smooth that when coupled with each bite of their fresh vegetables it just makes for a very delectable meal.

The ‘Treasure Meals’. Hen Lin knows by heart that Filipinos are always searching for the best deals out there – and there’s no better way to enjoy a taste of Hen Lin’s finest meals than by having a taste of their ‘Treasure Meals’, priced at only Dh 22, available in three varieties of Peking Chicken, Barbecue, and Lumpiang Shanghai.

Their Peking Chicken serves a quarter the chicken leg that is already marinated and cooked to tenderness that you can taste with each bite. Their Barbecue is grilled just at the right temperatures for diners to enjoy the classic Pinoy grill with an oriental kick. Their Lumpiang Shanghai gives a crispy, juicy taste that just makes you want to order another side.

Each meal is then served with their signature Pancit Canton, Siomai, Krupuk, and a generous slice of Leche Flan.

The Desserts. There’s no better way to end your meal than with a classic Pinoy treat – the Halo-Halo! Hen Lin managed to create their own version of one of the Filipino’s favorite desserts for just Dh 11 with a mix of bananas, tapioca, beans, a slice of their signature leche flan, creamy milk, and other ingredients! Hen Lin also offers Mais Con Yelo, Leche Flan as well as other Pinoy faves.

The Verdict

As more and more Filipino brands arrive in the UAE, Hen Lin is definitely among those which Filipinos have been waiting for a long time now. Optimizing quality together with value makes each order at Hen Lin not only an enjoyable, delicious meal for you, it also gives you value for money with its affordability!

With its arrival in Abu Dhabi, Filipinos in other Emirates can now look forward as their favorite dimsum place will soon arrive in more locations around the UAE very soon.

Hen Lin is currently located at the Gourmet Express, 3rd floor of Al Wahda Mall Extension with a branch at Hamdan in Abu Dhabi opening soon.


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