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LOOK: Couple gives out onions as wedding giveaway in Philippines

Photo from: Aldrik Gohel/Moments by Ruffa

One couple in the Philippines has opted to give out 150 kg of onions as an unique spin on the customary wedding souvenir. The bride’s family is in the onion industry, and with the vegetable’s current high price in the market, the pair felt it would be an ideal gift for their guests.

According to wedding organizer Aldrik Gohel, the unconventional yet practical present thrilled the guests. Photos of the onions being handed at the wedding have now gone popular on social media, with many admiring the couple’s ingenuity and originality.

The couple’s idea to give out onions as wedding favors appears to have been not just a creative method to save money, but also a means to assist the bride’s family company. Given the current high cost of goods, this is a clever and practical method for them to give back to their visitors.

This isn’t the first time a couple has distributed unconventional wedding favors. However, it is a rare example when it is tied to their livelihood, and it was a sensible way to help.

In a time when many people are struggling financially, this couple’s decision to give out onions as wedding favors serves as a reminder that it’s the intention that counts, and the simplest presents may be the most meaningful.

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