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Pinoy rescues kitten in bad shape found in streets of Abu Dhabi; cat, an addition to his more than 600 saved felines

A Tiktok video posted on Monday, September 19, shows 33-year-old Jonathan Corporal Sibol rescuing a kitten alongside the streets of Abu Dhabi. The cat appears to be in bad shape and has eyes swelling from an infection.

In the video, Sibol can be seen cleaning the kitten’s eyes. He also requested for help to bring the poor kitten to a vet.

@jonathansibolHi saw baby boy that have eye infection turn on be blind. He have flu also and not feeling well.Please help us I cannot afford to send in vet due on my outstanding balance 🥺💔♬ Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Slowed Down Version) – Paloma Faith

Many netizens applaud Sibol’s kind gesture. One user said “I hope the cat gets well.”

Another user said, “Thank you beautiful heart.”

While rare for many, these acts of kindness to felines is actually part of Sibol’s way of living.

Sibol, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who hails from Angono, Rizal has been rescuing and feeding cats since 2014. In total, Sibol has saved and fed more than 600 stray cats in Abu Dhabi.

“I first started to feed cats around late year 2014 on our villas’ trashed bin. I saw po a group of stray cats doon.  Noong simula, naawa ako sa kanila sa situation nila gutom at need ng medical attention. Now, I’ve thought to myself na hindi lang dapat pag-feed but i-rescue sila. At mag start ng TNR (Trap-Nueter-and-Release) to control their population,” said Sibol.

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He currently works as an animal trainer, dog walker and animal-sitter.

For the past 8 years, Sibol has seen cats in various health conditions. He makes sure that they get professional help and homes where they can be treated with love and care.

“I have a lot of rescue cats that had severe medical conditions like cancer, tooth problems causing them to not eat properly, and some even have FIV and FIP cases. It’s the worst type of virus that they’re getting on the streets and it takes time to recovery and heal. Usually, they require help of professional doctors. After recovery nila, I find them their forever home or someone na mag-foster sa kanila. And mostly na fo-foster sila here in UAE or outside the country. And I consider it my achievement that I change their lives,” said Sibol.

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For Sibol, taking care of cats should be a commitment. He advise those who are planning to adopt or foster to make sure that they are capable of keeping their pets for at least 15 years.

“It’s 15 years commitment and responsibility. So, we need to have love, time, and money because sometimes they need medical attention or vaccine and medyo pricey din food nila. Treat them like your own family or babies. Adopt don’t shop through this way you can save dumped pets and stray cats. Don’t support illegal breeders,” said Sibol. 

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After a few hours, some users reached out and mentioned intentions to help and the kitten was taken to the vet.

@jonathansibol Update to baby Michael I send him on vet He have calicivirus on mouth and teeth.He have eye infection amd flu .Please help for his bills #adoptdontshop #straycats #tnr ♬ Only Love Can Hurt Like This (Slowed Down Version) – Paloma Faith

According to Sibol, helping stray cats and providing them an opportunity for a better quality of life gives him a sense of fulfillment.

“I’m really proud to raise our flag as a Filipinos by being a rescuer. To be honest, there’s a lot of unsung Pinoy rescuers and I’m very proud to be one of them. There’s an animal group here in UAE that they can come for help, like Dubai cats, Stray Abu Dhabi, Filipino Street paws, UAE stray animals and Filipino pet parents UAE. They can join these groups and seek for advices,” said Sibol.

Sibol currently has five fostered cats and plans to continue helping more strays as long as he can.

“My advise to my fellow rescuers and Filipinos, just continue and keep doing what you’re doing good. Be the voice of voiceless –  the animals who cannot speak,” said Sibol.

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