Top 3 amenities you shouldn’t miss when buying a condo in PH

Whenever OFWs look for a condo, the majority consider the number of bedrooms and the monthly payment or rent. People will often have a checklist of things that are actually significant to them and their families or roommates as their search proceeds.

Condo amenities are non-essential aspects of a condo that improve, make your stay more delightful, or help to increase your productivity at home. These are not generally available services like running water or heating in the winter, but rather certain tempting elements that a building may provide that make it more desirable than equivalent choices in terms of size, price, or quality.

Here are some of the amenities you may want to include in your checklist:

Green spaces. After being stuck indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more OFWs in search of condos now seek the solace of tranquil green parks and recreational areas where they can breathe fresh air. Does your condo have own mini garden or is there at least a park nearby your place?

Laundry rooms. Is there a communal laundry area, or possibly a laundry service or dry cleaning on-site? Laundry is a must – therefore if your unit lacks an in-unit washer and dryer, you should research the laundry facilities in your building (if any).

Community areas. On-site gyms or fitness centers, pools, and even a playground or community center can help tenants feel more comfortable (and at home) in their building. Amenities enhance the experience of living in a building, whether it’s a common outdoor grilling area for cookouts, a multi-purpose room that can be leased for parties and gatherings, or a library and media room for studying or working from home.

BONUS: Pet-friendly facilities. If you have a fur baby, the way the building management provides considerations for your pets can be considered an amenity. Is there a dog daycare facility or a pet walker on-site at the condominium complex? Is there a dog park or a dog walking track nearby?

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