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Philippine Business Council Abu Dhabi, FilHR to host Filipino job fair with nearly 300 vacancies this June 26

Filipinos searching for opportunities in the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi can soon take part in the first post-pandemic job fair for Filipinos to date.

The Philippine Business Council in Abu Dhabi, a non-profit organization licensed by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry and recognized by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce Industry works in partnership with Abu Dhabi-based events company VOD Events to bring a slew of exciting events for Filipinos based in the capital and its western regions.

The event will also feature the first post-pandemic Job Fair for Filipinos, in partnership with FilHR and the Bayanihan Council in Abu Dhabi. This will cover nearly 300 vacancies across multiple sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, travel and tourism, construction and engineering, training and education, facilities and property management, and more. This presents an opportunity for Filipinos who wish to seek new opportunities in the country.

Themed ‘The Celebration of Thriving Filipinos in the Global Community’, the day-long event taking place at the Al Nahda National School will feature a food fair that will showcase some of the Philippines’ most delicious meals. The event will also highlight Filipinos’ talent in music with performances from homegrown musicians and bands. Attendees also get a chance to win a round-trip ticket to the Philippines by joining a raffle draw.

The event will also feature the best of Filipino produce through the Philippine Products Show as well as a variety of talented performers on stage. Furthermore, the event will also put a spotlight on Filipino heritage with a variety of cultural shows performed by several Filipino organizations based in the capital.


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