Woman claims to have captured spirit of a man leaving his body after drowning in Davao del Norte river

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A woman in Davao del Norte has claimed that she captured on video the soul of a man leaving his body moments after he died in a drowning incident.

She told The Sun that the man drowned at a quarry site last November 21 after trying to save a stray dog being swept away by the current.

While he was able to save the dog, the victim was carried away by the current and disappeared in the deep portion of the river.

The onlookers called a rescue team for a search and rescue. They used a backhoe in an attempt to pull him out of the water.

As this was happening, the woman said she decided to take a video of the incident.

However, when she played it back, she noticed in the video the appearance of a white image in the shape of a human being, floating above the water. She believed that this was the spirit of the victim.

“When I played it back, I caught something like a spirit walking on the water,” she was quoted as saying.

“I know it was his ghost. It gave me goosebumps when I watched it,” she added.

The woman claimed that she did not alter any part of the video.

The victim was said to be the third casualty of drowning in the same river.

Watch the video in a report of The Sun UK.

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