Abu Dhabi-based OFW trims down 18 kg within 1.5 years

In 2018, Jan Carlo Bayutas felt that he was getting tired faster than usual and found himself catching his breath after a simple game of badminton.

“One and a half years ago, nasa 88 kilos ako tapos nung maglaro ako ng badminton hindi na ako makatakbo dahil mabilis na ako hingalin,” said Bayutas.

His decision would eventually trim his weight down by a huge 18 kilos in a span of 1.5 years – from 88 down to 70 kilograms to date.

No Rice Challenge

During his first 3-4 months, Bayutas gave up eating rice. He said that while it had been challenging early on, his diet revolves more around discipline than monitoring what he eats.

“Wala naman akong diet plant. Basta less rice and carbs, tapos sipag sa pag e-exercise at pag-g-gym. Ang dapat ay disiplina sa sarili, sa pagkain, sa pag exercise, at sa ginagawa natin sa katawan natin,” explains Bayutas.

He also revealed that his main motivation to lose weight stems from his desire to improve self-esteem and self confidence both physically and emotionally.

No cheat days

While he doesn’t follow any specific ‘cheat days’ Bayutas states that it’s more important to satisfy one’s cravings in smaller amounts instead of depriving your body that leads to binge eating later on.

“Wala akong Cheat day. Kakainin ko kung ano gusto ko, mahirap gutumin ang sarili lalo na pag nag didiet. Tapos pag di mo natiis saka ka kakain ng mas madami which is sobrang mali. For me, kainin mo kung ano gusto mo kainin to satify your cravings pero in small amounts. Diet ka pero at the same time hindi mo dinedeprive sarili mo,” explains Bayutas.

While he admittedly gives in to tempting food, he shared that the proper, smaller portions should be enough to satisfy your cravings.

“Kakain lang ako ng konti para lang ma satisfy temptation ko, disiplina lang dapat. Small amount is enough. Kung may disiplina ka sa pag didiet mo everything will follow,” advised Bayutas.

Neil Bie

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