Nurse accused of seducing husband of her dialysis patient

A tearful dialysis patient in the Philippines accused her attending nurse of seducing her husband.

Rica de Vera said the nurse became her close friend, a shoulder to cry after various sessions in the hospital. They had since been in constant communication.

“Sa mga ka close ko po kasi lagi ko kinukwento asawa ko kung paano niya kami tinataguyod,” Rica told Raffy Tulfo in Action.

Rica said that she was thankful that her husband, who is a seafarer, had been a supportive, loving husband despite her condition.

“Noong nasa ibang bansa po ang asawa ko, nagpapabili po [siya] ng bra kaya po nag-ano sa asawa ko. Sabi naman ng asawa ko okay lang. Noong pauwi na asawa ko pinakilala ko na po siya kasi lagi ako sinusundo ako ng asawa ko sa dialysis,” Rica said.

“Kapag nakakauwi na kami, kinakamusta [niya] ang ako sa asawa ako,” she recalled.

She said the nurse then started inviting her husband to go out without Rica. “Pinamessage ko po asawa ko para tanungin siya tungkol sa gamot, tapos siya na niya chinachat ang mister ko,” she said.

The affair between the nurse and Rica’s husband started when the latter accepted a job offer in Pampanga.

Currently, her husband is still in the Philippines, but she has not seen her for a month now.

Meanwhile, the nurse is now working in the US and admitted that she is still in communication with Rica’s husband. She declined to give further statement.

Rica’s mother-in-law said: “Ang laking pinagbago, hindi namin alam anong nangyari sa kanya. Napakabait niyan sa asawa. Hindi namin alam anong pinakain ng babae sa asawa,” the mother said.

Her mother-in-law said that she has no idea on her son’s whereabouts.

Tulfo assured Rica that he would help her take legal action against the nurse and asked the nurse’s employer in the US to discontinue her contract.

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