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LOOK: This one-of-a-kind plant in PH is worth Php10 million

As the trend on plants continues in the country brought by the months-long quarantine, some “plantitos” and “plantitas” are now discovering that there are plants that could cost millions of pesos.

The rare plant “BG Regale or Sansevieria rorida” was recently featured in magazine show ‘Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho’ and the million-peso succulent was personally produced and nourished by Boyet Ganigan, secretary of the Philippine Horticultural Society.

Boyet added that the plant is one of a kind and the process of growing it took a lot of resources and efforts.

Upon showing the plant to the public, Boyet said that they had received offers beyond a million pesos. Later on, an offer reached 10 million pesos.

“We opted not to sell it. We wanted to keep it kasi we wanted to keep BG Regale sa Pilipinas,” he said.

According to agriculture.com.ph Horticulture expert, Lino Rom said that BG Regale earned its title as a “high-ticket plant” simply because it is one-of-a-kind.

It might be overwhelming to own such luxurious succulent, but it actually takes a lot of patience and passion to sustain it because of its very slow growth that needs careful monitoring and nourishment.

Some netizens shared their thoughts on the luxurious plant.

“Wala bang SRP (sale retail price) ang mga halaman? Para ka nang naholdap sa mahal niyan. Kapag nalanta, goodbye 10M mo,” netizen Aideen Garcia commented.

Another netizen shared that it would be better to spend millions of pesos to other stuff than to a single plant.

“Kapag ako may 10 million ibibili ko nalang ng bahay at lupa kaysa riyan, at least yun hindi mawawala,” Gemma Legaspi said.

Some netizens defended the cost of the plant saying hybrid plants do not happen overnight.

“It will give you all a better idea if you try to read about the painstaking process of producing hybrids, it isn’t produced overnight,” netizen Geebee Em said.

“Nakakatawa yung mga nag cocoomment ng mabilisan at hindi nag iisip. May google seach naman mabilisan din. Search niyo kung bakit sa 10M yan. Real collectors have been bidding na umabot up to Php10 million just to have that hybrid plant. The breeder however stood up and said na it’s not for sale,” netizen Roselily Buduan explained.

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