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Nakakakililiti, nakakaluha: UAE-based Filipinos share COVID-19 swab test experience

Several Filipino netizens in the UAE have shared their own experience undergoing the swab test for coronavirus disease (COVID-19), with many saying that it tickles, while others noting it hurts so bad it will make you teary-eyed.

In The Filipino Times’ poll segment, “Tanong ng Bayan”, netizens who underwent the said exam noted that it is very uncomfortable and that you have to prepare a lot of patience and resilience.

Erik Remo, who has undergone several swab tests due to the nature of his work—wherein he has to go to Abu Dhabi various time—said that the swab test exam via mobile drive thrus are the ones that felt painful because the position in which it was done was not relaxing.

“Noong first time ko, sa clinic mismo, hindi naman siya masakit kasi nakaupo ka ng ayos tapos nakatingala ka ng ayos. Relax ka lang,” he said. “Pero sa mga drive thru masakit ng konti kasi sa experience ko, hindi ka komportable sa pwesto, talagang napaluha ako.”

However, he said it was all worth it once you get a negative result because you’re confident that you and your loved ones are safe.

Netizen Janelette Miral Villamor, who took the test for three times, said it feels like her brain was being touched by the swab stick.

“Mapapaluha ka lang.. parang kini-k’ick out ‘yong brain mo napapa-aray ka talaga,” she said.

Mae Anne, another netizen who answered the poll, said that it hurts both in the nose and the throat—to the point it actually made her feel paranoid that she has the virus.

“After ng swab test feeling mo mas lalong sumakit lalamunan mo. Isip ka ng isip kung ano results kasi sumakit ang lalamunan mo baka positive,” he said.

Mickey Minnie, meanwhile, felt like asking the swabber to stop the process due to the pain. “Mapapaluha ka sa sobrang tusok, sasabihin ko na sana ‘please tama na’ or gusto ko sanang alisin na ang kamay niya na nakatusok sa ilong ko. Thankful to God my result was negative,” she noted.

Nanz HernAqui also noted the pain of the test in the throat, saying: “’Yong s lalamunan para kang masusuka kasi sa loob talaga, pero segundo lang naman. Tapos ‘yong s ilong doon naluha talaga ako kasi medyo mahapdi.”

For netizen Elvie Yuanxing, she said it took her three days before the irritation on her nose subsided. “Masakit kasi pinasok sa kaloloob loob ng ilong. Three days bago nawala ang irita ng ilong ko parang laging ng may nasa ilong ko [at] makati,” she said.

Grace De Guia Casia, meanwhile, also noted how the exam felt very uncomfortable in her nose.

“’Yong pang-swab sa lalamunan di po masakit saglit lang naman kasi, pero ‘yong sa ilong ang medyo masakit kasi ‘yong feeling na hanggang sinus ang tusok. Uncomfortable po talaga ‘yong sa nose,” she said.

Other netizens, however, noted that the pain and sensation all depend on who conducts the swab test.

According to Cielo Tapales, there are some who have heavy hands—making the process painful and uncomfortable. “Hindi naman siya totally masakit, mapapaluha ka lang talaga depende sa kumukuha ng swab, may mabigat ang kamay kasi eh,” she said.

Netizen Sophia Abella also noted that there are swabbers that can make your nose bleed. “Depende sa swabber, mayroong swabber na ‘di pa gaano magaling kaya dudugo ilong mo. Meron namang swabber na swabe, parang kiniliti ka lang,” she said.

Eva dela Cruz agreed, saying she only felt like she was being ticked.

“Nakakakiliti lang at muntik na ako mabahing pero di nman masakit,” she added.

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