Young Filipinos in UAE develop knack for painting during summer season

Filipino kids here in the UAE have proven once again that learning isn’t confined within the four walls of the classroom as they got the chance to hone their skills in the arts.

For cousins Prince Rupert, Russel Ray, Princess Rhianne and Marcus Lance, they maximized their time together by creating several works of art in their homes and helped each other learn to express their creativity through colors.

Collectively, all four of them have finished over 30 paintings – here are their stories with their favorite works of art.

Marcus Lance Magbanua, 10 years old

“I started painting at the age of 2 at the nursery when my nursery teacher and art coach at Little Masterpieces taught me how to play with colors. I like painting renowned masterpieces and putting my personal touch – when I was 2.5 years of age, I painted Starry Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. My favorite painting is the one I painted lately which showed my life journey assigned by our art teacher as our final project before graduating from primary school. I like painting because it is a creative expression. It allows me to express my imagination, it is fun. I don’t rush myself when I paint, I like taking my time so my creativity flows naturally.”

Prince Rupert Yatal, 15 years old

“I’ve learned to paint around 7-8 years old. I got inspired by my parents who are both architects and they taught me how to paint. My favorite painting so far is my Eiffel Tower because it shows how much I improved through the years. Most of my other paintings are displayed now at our school gallery. Abstract paintings also interest me because I can express my emotion and creativity. Since there is no boundary or rules, it gives you freedom to express your thoughts.”

Russel Ray Yatal, 13 years old

“My mom and dad are into arts and design so I learned from them how to paint. My favorite painting is my cupcake painting because it looks amazing and it made me happy when I realized that I made this masterpiece on my own. Paintings interest me because I can express my emotions and creativity.”

Princess Rhianne Yatal, 8 years old

“My brothers and parents helped me learn how to paint as well. They said that they started painting at my age so that’s why I also tried and I love doing it! I love colors so much and that’s why my favorite painting is my Sunflower because I like very colorful things.”


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