Twins named Jollibee, McDonald trend on social media; get treat from McDonald’s

A pair of Filipino twins made rounds on social media recently due to their unique names taken from popular fast food chains.
Jollibee and McDonald Pangindian got famous online after a family friend named Mark Lester Cruzet congratulated them on Facebook for graduating senior high school. The post went viral after netizens took notice of their unique names.

According to reports, it was their father’s idea to give them those names, adding that they are unique and easy to remember.

The twins added that they are not the only ones in the family to have been named after fast food outlets. According to them, a cousin of theirs—Shakey—was named after a popular pizza restaurant.
The news of the unique names of the Pangindian twins reached McDonald’s Philippines. The fast food chain treated their entire family as a way to congratulate them on their graduation.

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