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Filipino winner of over Dh160,000 (Php2.1 million): Emirates Loto is 100% legit

A Filipino resident—who recently won big at Emirates Loto—said that the region’s first, fatwa-approved, fully digital collectable scheme with optional entry to a weekly live draw is one hundred percent real and that anyone has a chance to win big.
William Marquez Aniana, a 38-year-old document controller, won Dh166,666 (Php2,288,902) after sharing the Dhs1 million (Php13,733,469) prize with five other residents in last weekend’s draw of Emirates Loto. In an exclusive interview with The Filipino Times, he said that he believed in the legitimacy of Emirates Loto from the very first time he saw an ad about it at a mall.
“I believed in Emirates Loto from the very beginning. I told myself that I will buy collectibles, play, and enter the draw. That night I learned that I won, I have proven that it is one hundred percent legit,” he said.
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Aniana added that there are some people who do not believe in raffle draws due to the rampancy of online scams telling others that they won prizes, which turn out to be bogus. However, he said that there is no need to worry about Emirates Loto, because it is real and it provides everyone a fair chance of winning.
He said that it was on his fourth try, using the numbers he considered as closest to his heart, that he won the prize. On two of his previous attempts, he got one number correct. The Filipino expat also noted that it was his very first time to win a raffle draw.
“I watched the live draw and when I found out that I won, I yelled, jumped, and felt so happy I almost cried. I prayed hard to thank God for this blessing,” said Aniana, who is also the breadwinner of his family back in the Philippines.
Aniana said that he will use his winnings to further help his family back home, especially his two children who are still studying.
As for those who wish to join Emirates Loto, the Filipino said: “Keep on dreaming and always try to join Emirates Loto because maybe one day, you will feel what I felt when I won the numbers.”
Emirates Loto is a collectables scheme with a live weekly draw and is open to all eligible people over 18 years old in the UAE and across the globe. It aims to donate millions of dirhams for the public good in line with UAE government initiatives to give back to the community and the country as a whole.
The collectables may be purchased through the Emirates Loto website and app or through authorized selected retail stores in the UAE.
For more information on Emirates Lotos’ collectables, prize winners, terms and conditions, eligibility and to enter the coming draw, visit www.emiratesloto.com
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