70's 'Nutribun' back in PH as COVID-19 pandemic provision

Filipinos who experienced life as kids during the 70s to the 80s will have fond memories of the warm, freshly baked nutritious bun served during recess that they have since referred to as the ‘Nutribun’ and today, it’s being reintroduced to help combat hunger amid the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
San Miguel Corporation President Ramon Ang spearheaded the revival of the popular nutritious snack to address the needs of those who lack resources to buy food.
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“Right at the start of the quarantine, when we were trying to address the worry of many people about food supply, we decided to start producing our version of nutribun because we felt it would help augment the nutritional needs of many people who will not have access to food,” said Ang in an interview with the Manila Bulletin.
What used to be a production of 10,000 Nutribuns per day has grown almost 200% in their aim to provide food for the needy: “We started with just 10,000 capacity per day, now we are at 29,000 per day. We will continue to make this bread and donate it throughout the quarantine and beyond, if needed.”
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The 2020 version of the Nutribun is made from a combination of San Miguel Mills’ King Hard Wheat Flour and its Star Margarine and unlike the normal pandesal at 30 grams, the Nutribun is denser as it uses 85 grams of dough and is packed with 250 calories. It is also rich in dietary fiber, iron and iodine.
“It is really designed to provide energy and essential nutrients, so that our disadvantaged youth can avoid hunger and, with hope, maintain good overall health during this pandemic,” said Ang.

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