‘The thought of sending her to good school is enough to keep me going’: OFW shares stories of sacrifice for daughter in PH

The ability to make sacrifices is one of the best things only a mother can do, an Overseas Filipino Worker based in Dubai said.
Riza Antigo, a customer service executive, has been living in the UAE—far from her beloved 14-year-old daughter—for almost seven years. She left Francesa to be able to provide a better life for her, as well as her retired parents back in the Philippines.
“I need to make a living para sa daughter ko, also both of my parents are retired, so need rin nila ng support,” she said.
Antigo added that while the life of being an OFW, far from family, is hard, she said the idea of giving her daughter good education inspires her to conquer every challenge she faces along the way.
“The thought of being able to send her to a good school, complete with school materials and uniform, is enough to keep me going,” she added.
And, with the current threat of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, Antigo said she has been constantly reminding her daughter to do all safety measures against the disease. The OFW added that while she is thankful to the UAE for the necessary steps it has implemented to ensure the safety of residents, she said she still worries a lot about Francesca in the Philippines.
She added it is hard being away from her during these tough times but she still tries her best to be an effective mother in this situation. She also mentioned her gratitude to her parents who are being there for her daughter.
“I am very grateful for my parents na nakabantay sa anak ko, at the same time, I worry about their health too. Stress and anxiety ang kalaban nowadays aside from COVID-19. I make sure I call her daily, to remind her basic stuff like, wash her hands diligently, avoid going outside, if needed talaga lumabas, wear mask and gloves. I remind her to take her vitamins daily,” she said.
Asked about her message to her daughter at this time she answered: “Francesca, I love you and I wish for you to be always joyful and healthy. I am forever grateful to be called as your mom.”
She also advised all the hardworking mothers in the UAE to keep safe, and that to “stay healthy for your kid’s sake.”

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