Dutch restaurant launches private capsules for social distancing

A restaurant in The Netherlands has introduced a new way to serve diners while still implementing social distancing—through private green houses.
In a report by Daily Mail, Mediamatic Biotoop, a vegan eatery in Amsterdam, has launched its private glass capsules to stay open during the pandemic while still ensuring safety among customers.
The owners said in the report that it is only in the trial phase, but they hope to make it official by getting permission from the state—adding that it is one of the wisest ideas they have come up with to stay in business.

Photo credit: Reuters
The restaurant now has five glass domes called serres séparées or “separate rooms” in French, which allow two to three diners enjoy a four-course meal with a few of the city canals. The waiters, as per Daily Mail’s report, serve them the dishes through the capsule’s door from a safe distance while wearing protective gear.
The restaurant added that the glass houses provide a certain privacy, allowing diners to talk without being wary about being heard.
As of now, all tickets to dine at the restaurant’s greenhouses are sold out until June.

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