Pinoys buy gifts on Valentine's Day, spend Dh127

Filipinos don’t mind spending on Valentine’s Day.
Separate surveys done by ecommerceIQ, Adspark Intelligence, Picodi.com, and Ipsos-Pru Life UK showed Filipinos make an effort to give gifts to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day.
According to ecommerceIQ, the most sought-after gifts are clothes, chocolates and perfumes. Flowers only ranked as fourth because the price of flowers tends to go up on or a day before Valentine’s.
Poland-based Picodi.com also made a survey among Filipinos in 2019 showed Filipinos spend an average of P1,759 (Dh127) on Valentine’s Day.
Majority or 71 percent of Filipinos surveyed said they are spending for their significant other. While others also splurge on friends (20%), family (19%) and colleagues (7%).
Interestingly, 20 percent of single Filipinos profess their love on Valentine’s Day.
This is not surprising as reports by market research firm Ipsos and financial firm Pru Life UK showed Filipinos as the most expressive lovers in Asia.
Filipinos are most likely to share intimate moments with their partners, most likely laugh together (90%) and the most likely to tell partners that they love them (86%).

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