UAE-based Filipino fashion designers reveal top 10 bets for Miss Universe 2019

The world now awaits the upcoming Miss Universe 2019 Coronation Night set to take place at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, Atlanta, Georgia on December 8, 2019 (4:00 AM, December 9 – UAE Time).

The Filipino Times rounded up Filipino fashion designers based here in UAE to check in with their keen eye for pageant winners for this year’s edition. Here are the top 10 bets that came up from the list (in no particular order).

Julia Horta’s stunning Latina looks caught the eye of 2019 The Filipino Times Awards Most Promising Fashion Designer of the Year Jose Allen Villena who shared that Horta’s ‘innocent beauty’ will be someone to look out for.
2017 The Filipino Times Awards Fashion Designer of the Year Aldwin ‘Jlo’ Guardiana said that Horta ‘knows how to play the game’ as her preliminary performance exuded ‘a strong presence on stage, with an eloquence and confidence that shows in each activity’.

With her stunningly beautiful face and good communication skills, Colombia’s Gabriela Tafur Nader may be one of Gazini Ganados’ ‘fiercest rivals’ as of the moment according to 2017 The Filipino Times Awards Most Promisng Fashion Designer of the Year Garimon Roferos. He said that Nader was both beautiful and fearless.

Guardiana furthered that Colombia ‘has one of the most beautiful faces’ along with the added advantage of having two fellow Latinas in the panel of judges.

Puerto Rico
With her tantalizing gaze, Puerto Rico’s Madison Anderson beauty was noticed by 2016 The Filipino Times Awards Most Promising Fashion Designer of the Year Harvey Cenit following Anderson’s impressive performance during the preliminaries, as well as her overall look.

Roferos furthered that Anderson is a ‘stunningly beautiful Blonde bombshell’.

All the way from the Far East, Japan’s Ako Kamo has one of the strongest personalities among the contestants, according to Guardiana: “Since day one i love her!! Strong personality, energetic character and fun! She can communicate very well with her good command of the English language, thus making it easy for her to communicate with the crowd and the judges as well.”

Participating for the first time ever, Bangladesh’s Shirin Akther may probably be one of the Miss Universe 2019’s dark horses. Villena shared that Akther’s pretty face coupled with the fact that she’s the first queen to participate from her country to vie for the crown is something that the world should watch out for.

Hailing from the land of Miss Universe finalists for years, Venezuela’s Thalia Olvina is another strong contender for the crown, with Villena stating that her stunning beauty will be her key to the crown.

An ordinary woman with an extraordinary beauty, Thailand’s Paweensuda Drouin is the personification of beauty and brains combined, according to Roferos. Cenit shared that Drouin’s wit will take her further in the competition with her smart and well-spoken thoughts.

From the lands of fashion and flair, France’s Maëva Coucke is one of the few red-haired beauties in the pageant who impressed Cenit with her runway walk and performance during the preliminaries. Roferos furthered that Coucke’s beauty was ‘breathtaking and stunning’.

India’s Vartika Singh’s assets include her ‘strong, inviting aura and beautiful face which makes crown-ready,’ according to Guardiana. This gentle presence will help make it easy for her to engage with the audience and the panel of judges.

All designers interviewed agreed that Miss Universe Philippines 2019 bet Gazini Ganados is more than ready for a back-to-back win. Backed by a wonderful performance during the Miss Universe preliminaries, Ganados is a force to be reckoned with.

Cenit furthered that Filipinos should support our very own candidate to propel her wings towards the top.

Guardiana said that Ganados is charismatic, crown-ready and anticipates that a back-to-back win is possible.

Roferos lauded her ‘beauty and great, powerful personality’

Villena hopes that her presence and aura will key in that back-to-back victory.

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