Cambodia to ban riding of elephants around Angkor Wat complex in 2020

Elephant rides at the Angkor temple park in Cambodia are now banned starting next year. 
Long Kosal, a spokesman with the Apsara Authority that manages the park, said these rides will end at the start of 2020. 
In a report by AFP, he added riding these elephants are no longer appropriate since the animals are old. 
This is considered a rare win for conservationists in the world as they cried out that this act is ‘cruel’. 
In 2016, there was a female elephant who died after carrying them around the Angkor Wat complex because of hot weather. 
The Angkor archaeological complex in northern Siem Reap attracts most of the kingdom’s tourists as they can opt for elephant rides around the ancient temples. 
In 2018, they recorded a total of six million foreign tourists who visited the country. 
There are already 14 working elephants that were transferred to a community in the forest. 
It will be the company who owns them that will look after them. 


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