Cockroach milk as the next super food?

If you think someone is just pulling your leg, saying cockroach milk is good for your health – think again.

Big Think, a multi-media web portal co-founded by a Harvard student, Peter Hopkins and partly funded through an investment by former Harvard president and former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers, has reported that a team from the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India has sequenced a protein crystal from the gut of Pacific Beetle Cockroach.

The report stated that the protein crystals that comes with a milk-like substance produced by the roach to feed its offsprings have three times the energy of buffalo milk.

Most mother Pacific Beetle Roaches feed their offsprings through these crystals. They nurse them inside before she gives birth to them. Pacific beetle roaches do not lay eggs, unlike other roaches.

There’s potential to mass-produce the roach milk.

After studying the gene sequences for these milk proteins, Ramaswamy S., a faculty member at inStem, said he and his colleagues planned to use a yeast system to produce these crystals en masse.

“They’re very stable. They can be a fantastic protein supplement,” said Ramaswamy.

However, it may take years before it could be on the market. For now, it is still something that can be extracted in a lab.

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