TFT Awards surges Filipino spirit of ‘bayanihan’, uplifting fellow professionals to global platform

In the UAE, you can find Filipinos in almost every segment of any industry – numbering almost a million in total, but only a select few are given that rare opportunity to take in the reins of leadership in huge brands – and as the Spiderman cliché goes: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

2018 TFT Awards Marketing Professional of the Year Joseph Alcantara continues to bring pride to the country as the Marketing Communications Manager for Emirates Airline, but didn’t expect that the award would lead him towards a deeper calling.

“Beyond the glitz and the glam, never have I ever expected that it would open meaningful doors that had allowed me to realise my deeper calling as a marketer and a ‘Filipino pride’ evangelist. Today, real fulfilment and career actualisation comes with what I can truly contribute to make the world know that Filipino professionals are exceptional in the global stage,” shared Alcantara.

Paving the path towards uplifting the Filipino image

Alcantara shared that winning The Filipino Times Awards not only opened up new collaborative opportunities, it also became the springboard to inspire others and a catalyst to show to the world the true capabilities of Filipino professionals. “Various organisations and parties have approached me for collaboration to share knowledge and expertise in the Marketing field, colleagues from my company had an improved perception of the community of Filipino professionals and I’ve gained a larger platform that have allowed me to inspire others to dream big and achieve their goals across all of life’s aspects,” shared Alcantara.

Since then he has been instrumental with the founding and administration of a new empowered group of Filipino media and marketing professionals called the Filipino Communicators Collective (FCC) which he refers to as “a closed social media group for passionate professional communicators in the UAE with the aim of developing and nurturing outstanding Filipino communications practitioners who achieve valuable representation driven by a culture of uncompromising excellence,”

Passing the baton towards a new generation

Alcantara beams with optimism that The Filipino Times Awards 2019 will soon be a platform for the next generation of professionals and brands here in the UAE to showcase excellence in their respective fields as ripples of change begin with just a few clicks. “I can’t wait to pass the baton to this year’s awardees so we can further amplify and externalise our tribe’s professional excellence and passion to contribute in making a meaningful difference in the world. Let’s nominate deserving UAE-based marketers, artists, film makers, fashion designers, photographers, media practitioners, architects, engineers, IT professionals, educators, entrepreneurs, healthcare practitioners and hospitality professionals and keep the momentum in solidifying the new age of Filipino achievers!”

The Filipino Times Awards is now on its 5th year and is currently accepting nominations from the public for both individual and brand categories until August 30.

To nominate, visit: www.thefilipinotimesawards.com

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