Youngest son brings out Mayor Isko’s softer side

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno took a quick break from his capital report via Facebook live to answer a video call from his big boss–his youngest son Drake.

He usually shows a tough demeanor towards law violators, but his youngest has brought out his softer side.

The mayor was not able reject his baby’s call, excusing himself from the media to do his “father duty”.

After some adorable banters between the two, Moreno burst into laughter when his son told him that he wanted food.

The mayor instantly knew what his son wanted. And it’s French fries from McDonalds.

He asked his son’s companion in their house to order food for his baby.

The two ended the call with an exchange of “I love you’s.”

“Bye, Isko Moleno. I love you,” said Drake.

The video of their conversation is making the rounds online, with netizens praising the warm and caring side of Moreno.

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