How to tell by the sleeping position if your habibi is being unfaithful

DUBAI: A new study has shown that sleeping positions tell cheaters away.

Unfaithful partners who have secretly gone a-stray reveal signs in the way they cozy up in bed at night.

The Daily Mail, a British daily, citing poll results, reported that the most popular sleep position according to the poll – adopted by 34 per cent of couples – is one known as “The Separation.”

This is when couples sleep facing apart with a space in between.

“While this can indicate couples in a secure relationship who don’t feel the need to show affection in their sleeping posture, it is also the most popular position when one partner is being unfaithful,” the report said.

Why so?

Because, the report said, the adulterer is “wary of getting too close to their spouse in bed and give away signs of cheating, such as the smell of another person’s perfume or aftershave.”

“When we sleep, our subconscious minds take over, so the body language we use with a partner can be a precise gauge of what is going on in a relationship,” The Daily Mail quoted relationship expert Jessica Leoni as saying, citing the research.

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