3 Personal Branding Practices To Do

In today’s digital and hyper-social world, branding is no longer associated only with products and services offered by companies. Branding has become an essential part for the success of any professional and is one of the most important strategies for securing a job. Here is a quick review by career experts at Bayt.com on the best methods to creating a powerful personal brand that can grab the attention of peers, employers and clients alike:

1. Build an Online Public Profile

Having an online public profile is similar to having an online business card. It is your own personal brand that automatically grabs the attention of both employers and clients. It is essentially your window to the job market. With an online public profile, you are easily searchable on major engines and you can use your profile to connect with colleagues, employers and clients alike. Your connections can also endorse your skills or even write recommendations that will be visible on your profile. You can take it one step further, and share it on all forms of your social media.

2. Join the Conversations on Online Communities/ Forums

Online communities/ forums is the easiest way to establish your presence in your field and to highlight your expertise in the community. You can answer questions that other professionals in the industry may have as well as ask any questions you may need answered by peers. Stand out by integrating keywords and intelligent responses into the existing conversations. They can help you expand your network online, include you in the top ranked professionals in your field, and make you an ideal candidate within your field. Through your discussions, you can also be endorsed by other experts and receive ranks and badges on your CV that prove your expertise.

3. Perfect Your Online CV

It can take less than 30 seconds for your CV to make or break your chances of landing the job. Employers are constantly on the lookout for candidates that match their needs, and regularly skim through thousands of CV’s to find the requirements they’re looking for. Integrating keywords into your online CV is extremely important to boost your job application, since a sophisticated algorithm takes your keywords into consideration before giving you a rank that is visible to employers. The higher your rank, the quicker an employer will view your CV.

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