OWWA EDSP scholar graduates magna cum laude

A new fresh graduate and an OWWA scholar finished Maritime Transportation degree with flying colors.

Determination and hard work are main keys to maintain good academic standing while enjoying scholarship, this was according to Josias Mercelo Tan, 20 who graduated recently and dubbed as Magna Cum laude at Asian Institute of Maritime Studies.

Role model of new scholar graduates

Josias didn’t waste any money, chances, and time in reaching his dream of becoming a ship captain someday. He was one of the Education for Development Scholarship Program (EDSP) batch 11 scholars who recently finished their degrees while having scholarship from OWWA.

“In fact, before I chose this course, I also considered becoming an aircraft pilot. However, the latter required a higher financial support, which my parents could not offer. I chose this course also because I was challenged,” he said.

He also remembered that during that time, it was a struggle for his parents to make ends meet even with the financial help coming from his brother. “I, together with my parents, then decided to take the examination for being a scholar,” he added.

“I had my goals. I wanted to become successful in my career. I also wanted to be financially stable and also give back the gratitude to my family,” Josias claimed.

His two elder brothers are both seafarers that qualified him in the scholarship program. Josias spent his grant worth Sixty Thousand Pesos (Php60, 000) per school year.

He applied for the scholarship to help his family pay his tuition fee. Despite the fact that he also encountered several difficulties in studying, Josias didn’t give up and pushed himself with enough determination to pass all of his subjects.

Josias was also awarded as one of the Ten Outstanding Maritime Students of AIMS (TOMS – AIMS. Now, he is set to work as Nautical Officer Assistant at a Crewing company in Manila.

“I am currently an OFW as well, seaman din po going onboard container ships. For now, nakabakasyon po muna ako dito sa lupa,” he explained.

“Being a seaman is an all-around job which will require knowledge on a lot of things,” he claimed.

Josias is currently employed as deck cadet at Dohle Seafront Crewing (Manila), Inc. He is now a prospect for promotion as Nautical Officer Assistant

“I advise that they should put their passion in studying the course. They should listen well to their teachers and also exert effort in reading books to increase their knowledge. There will be times when you will have fun, such as the celebration of the foundation day. And, there will be times when you have to take things more seriously, such as the exams week. Combine faith with hard work and you will surely succeed,” he claimed.

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