Abu Dhabi chef feeds stray animals with leftover food

What will you do with leftover food in fancy restaurants in Abu Dhabi? 

Feed it to stray animals. This is what an Abu Dhabi chef, who partnered with three hotels and launched a program, does to feed stray animals of leftover foods. 

Chef Jamal Al Breiki, owner of food delivery service Chef J Gourmet, ran a trial last July 5 and received a positive response.

The inaugurating brunch happened in Fairmont Bab Al Bahr, where discarded food was sorted carefully.

It is taken to Springbok Kitchen for mincing and delivered to Cloud 9 Pet Hotel and Care. 

Jamal said that he and his wife regularly volunteer for feeding stations and realized how much money people spend in the pet food.

“So we thought this would be a great way to solve both problems,” Jamal said in an interview with What’s On Dubai.

Jamal hopes to see his initiative keep growing with more vets and shelters being served.

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