Health Authority in Abu Dhabi reminds residents to stay hydrated as UAE temperatures begin to rise

The Health Authority in Abu Dhabi (HAAD) wishes to remind UAE residents that they should stay maintain correct levels of their fluids to protect themselves from heat illnesses, especially heat strokes.

HAAD suggests the following steps to prevent heat illnesses:

– Come to work well hydrated and drink at least 1 litre of water before work each day;

– Drink regularly during the day at least 2 Litres of water every 2-3 hours;

– Self-assess hydration using coloured urine charts;

– Carry a large water container with them of at least 2 litres to drink within 2-3 hours;

– Ensure replacement of electrolytes by adding a little extra salt to meals or selecting correct electrolyte drinks.

The health authority also advised against soft drinks and sports drinks due to their high sugar content as well as possible acid content that may damage the teeth.

HAAD also advised to limit caffeine consumption as the caffeine may reduce fluid retention.

They also recommended an electrolyte replacement drink if workers are sweating heavily, but only under the following guidelines:

– For prolonged consumption a fluid with 4% or less sugar is recommended. Appropriate products designed for industrial use are available commercially;

– The suggested schedule is to drink the electrolyte replacement fluid at every second drink (i.e. one for one with water);

– For diabetics or those on sugar restricted diets medical advice is required on the preferred fluids for rehydration.

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