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5 reasons why it’s not bad to wear the same thing every day

DUBAI: As an article posted on Forbes Magazine put it: Societal norms and habits are potent influencers of our purchases, and they weighed heavily on us. Clothing brands actively produce seasonal and “sub-collections” to constantly “refresh” stores. Enter one of these stores today, and you might not recognize it next week. You could build a wardrobe and have it turnover every month, season, and year.

And guess what? You’ll also most probably end up with care box-loads of clothes to send home for your love ones, unless you were doing it on purpose in which case you’re probably on the right track!

But there’s more to an OFW’s life than crass vanity, it seems; and so the following reasons why wearing the same thing every day is not a bad thing.

• It becomes less stressful figuring out what to wear.

“We cannot escape decisions. Even in our dreams, we’re thinking about what to do next. Every option drains us,” said Forbes contributor Joshua Becker. So why waste time and mental energy on it? Grab the next best thing and be on your way. “Steve Jobs might be the most iconic of them all. At presentations, conferences, and pressers, he could be seen wearing his black turtleneck, blue jeans, and circular eyeglasses. He wasn’t successful because he wore the same outfit at all these events, but for an exceptionally busy person, this was one less decision,” Becker says.

• Take a mental note of that looks good on you.

Sometimes in the haste, we end up actually looking great as we pass by a mirror. Make a note of that combination and keep wearing it like your Catholic school uniform in grade school. How’s that of minimalism? Becker says “finding your ‘look’ could take time,” but that how great inventions were made: accidental.

• Minimize your collection

“Minimalism is about focusing on what matters most, while ridding the rest. It quickly applies across situations; especially, for clothing,” says Becker. See, of you don’t have much in your closet, wouldn’t it be nice to spend time watching Netflix instead of tending to your laundry on a weekend?

• Love forever fashion. Clothes are like friends.

You tend to get a mental picture how they’d be down the road years from now – that is, if they will still be with you. “When you go to buy new items, imagine its place in your closet years from now. Will you still want it? Trendiness is challenging to chase, and provides an infinite opportunity for spending. Instead, focus on quality goods that can last years and, potentially, by brands who encourage you to repair and recycle before you buy new,” Becker says.

• Bask in the glory of easier laundry and more time.

As mentioned earlier, less is good. While there is glory and beauty in chaos, certainly a moment of Netflix solitude is a way to go. By consuming less throughout the week, you’ll have less to clean and focus on what’s most important. Instead of washing, drying, and folding clothes for half a day, you could….

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