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What people are saying about the UAE Cabinet’s move providing equal holidays for the public and private sectors

The Filipino Times did man-on-the-street interviews and Facebook crowdsourcing to get the pulse of the community regarding the UAE’s move last week granting equal number of holidays for government workers and private sector employees.

Here are some highlights:

– Engr. Elmer Casao, Chairman, Bayanihan Council – Abu Dhabi.
“Unang una, I think it still has something to do with tolerance that the UAE government is promoting. We’re very lucky that it is being implemented. Second, it’s good news for all Filipinos because they can really plan for their much-awaited vacation and free themselves momentarily from work to freshen up and re-energize. Of course, for the Filipino community speaking of Bayanihan Council, we can schedule activities during these vacation days na mas madaming makakapag-participate. This is such a great news for us.”

– Sheryl A. Palacios-Manalo, medical practitioner
“Yes, sobrang happy! At least hindi na kami mai-inggit sa mga kababayan natin na nasa government sector dahil mas marami ang kanilang paid holidays. That will be “ME”-time spent to have more quality and balanced private life and work life.”

– Maricris Gallos Gapi , community advocate
“Happy to hear that because I want to take time to spend for myself. I do volunteer jobs and I help out friends, too.”

– Camilla Iman, community advocate/social worker
“Marami akong tinanong and they are so happy. Malaking tulong sa kanila para makapag-rest. Ako, masaya din ako dyan a 14 holidays na yan.”

– Engr. Frankie Boton, founder and chairman at UAE Mountainbiking Jumeirah
“Masaya po syempre kc more holidays means more family bondings & more longer outdoor activities.”

– Enelra Pingol Mariposque, media practitioner
“Happy siyempre kasi more time for our family. May time makapagpahinga from work, time to refresh, mag-movie marathon also.”

– Paula Vianca Lim, accountant
“Happy siyempre! Dagdag pahinga, o kaya free time mag-gala. Also more time for bonding with family and friends.”

– Anthony Deleon, social media strategist
“The recent announcement assures us that we will now have more time to rest and enjoy the spirit of whatever holiday it is we will be celebrating.”

– Mazzy L. Calderon, media practitioner
“Happy, of course! This means more time to spend for myself and my family and away from the stress.”

– Joannice Pearl Punongbayan-Medina, office secretary
“Masaya ako kasi madaming time para sa friends tsaka makakapagpahinga. Plano kong umuwi ng Pinas ngayong taon at tumugma itong balitang ito para mas makapag enjoy ako kasama ng pamilya ko lalong lalo na ang anak ko.”

– Erick Michael Paguia, sales executive
“It’s better! The benefit that I could see as the private sector enjoys the same holidays with the public sector is that we can now enjoy the holidays more. It’s a positive reinforcement especially for private sector workers. It also means that UAE is now really diverse and more open minded and I think this one way to encourage the people or to show the world that UAE is ready for the world expo.”

– Edmar Dela Vega, Planning Engineer
“Bilang isa sa mga nagta-trabaho sa private sector, magandang opportunity ito para sa mga OFW lalo na sa mga high stress na trabaho katulad ng sa akin na kailangan ding makapagpahinga yung utak.

Magkakaroon ng oras, first of all, syempre sa family mo. Makakatawag ka na at yung time na maibibigay mo sa kanila, even if by technology lang, mas mahaba haba. Pwede ka ding maki-mingle sa mga old friends mo habang bakasyon.

Kung may mga plano ka for business sa Pilipinas, makakapag-planning ka ng mahaba-haba at matututukan mo ang business mo.”

Staff Report

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