Canada, here we come!

DUBAI: If you are among the growing number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) looking to Canada to settle down in with your family, it pays to have the following checklist in mind to make the moving process less stressful.

Moving from one city – Dubai, for instance, where you have stayed for quite some time – to another, is daunting.

“There are so many changes in store for your lifestyle,” said the home service portal, servicemarket.com.

Indeed, it may be tempting to pack all your belongings up and ship them in a big container, but that is probably not the most logical decision, the portal said, explaining that you have some thinking to do and consider the lifestyle changes ahead and adjust to it.

So, here are the salient points to consider when moving to Canada:

Leave large items behind. This is a tough one especially when it comes to memorabilia like the life-size mirror you look your self in before you step ut of the door for another day of work. Experts said big items are very expensive to ship, so much so that you’d be far better off buying new furniture in Canada. “If the heavy items have sentimental value, you should put them in storage,” said servicemarket.com

Canada has a different voltage than the UAE. While there are adaptors available, they will come at a cost and will not work for all your appliances, the experts said. The best thing to do, they suggested, is opt for selling or even donating your old appliances. “This will help you cut down on the cost of shipping and the money you make from selling can go towards buying new ones in Canada,” they said.

Be sure you have all your documents in order, including those of your pet. Immigration lawyers say Canada very strict rules about what and who can be allowed in. So, make sure you have all the paperwork you require to enter the country before you leave the UAE. By this, the lawyers said, you must also have your birth certificate, relevant vaccination records, and pet medical records. “If you show up to Vancouver International Airport, for example, with a pet puppy and no record of vaccination, the animal may be refused entry into the country and you will find yourself in a very difficult situation,” according to the portal.

Dress for the weather. In July, the average temperature in Canada is in the range 17°C to 21°C, depending on the region as the place is a very big country with different climate zones. And we’re talking July – the hottest month anywhere around the world. It wouldn’t take a lot of thinking to figure out how cold it can be in the non-summer days. The UAE registers winter temperatures averaging at 17°C.

Don’t bring exotic items. Non-native plants, fur coats, exotic animals, and any other products that may not be common to the country should be left behind, advised servicemarket.com.

Read and review the necessary guidelines for what is and isn’t allowed into the country before you travel, the experts said.

Your car. Here’s the math, according to the home service portal: Shipping a car to Canada can cost upwards of Dh 17,000. Access your particular situation and make the right decision based on proper calculations.

Dubai-based Canadian immigration lawyer, Julie Beeton said most of her Filipino clients want to move to Canada to change their lives for not only themselves but their families.

She explained OFWs prefer Canada because is a welcoming multicultural society that offers free healthcare and education. “You can ensure your children have an excellent education and also retire there. Canada is a great choice,” she said.

There are currently 660,000 Filipinos in Canada, according to Beeton. In 2015, Filipinos were the second highest number of citizens immigrating to Canada and had more citizens immigrating to Canada than China, she said. Approximately 3,600 Filipinos immigrated through the Express Entry System to Canada in 2015, still according to her.

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