VIRAL: Emirati influencer’s video about gender roles sparks online debate

Netizens are divided after Emirati social media influencer Anas Bukhash asked his nearly 133,000 Instagram followers for their opinions on who should be the provider in a relationship — the man or the woman?

Bukhash uploaded the video on Monday morning pointing out that, back in the days, men are always the ones who are expected to pay for household expenses while women are the ones who take care of the chores.

However, Bukhash recognized the fact that society has evolved and that kind is setting is no longer the case in most countries.

Applying this thought to a simpler situation, Bukhash then asked his followers if men should be the one who will pay for dinner if he and his partner eat out, or if they should split the bill.

The comments section was flooded with thousands of different opinions, but most of them said that paying or a restaurant bill should be equally distributed, since people are now living in a generation that is all about equality.

However, there are still some who chose to stick with the traditional gender role ideology that men should be the provider of the relationship.

Moreover, there are also some netizens who said that there is no definite answer to Bukhash’s question since it all depends on the situation.

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