Majority of breast cancer cases are detected through self-breast exam

DUBAI: Did you know that majority of breast cancer cases is detected through self breast examination?

This, according to Dr. Jeneth Habacon, OB gynaecologist at Klinika Maharlika, who also said that women with ages 20 and above should have a monthly self-breast examination which is recommended right after the menstruation.

“Clinical breast examination is recommended every 2-3 years for women in their 20s and 30s, and yearly for women 40 years and above,” said Habacon.

She said mammography is recommended at 40 years and above or earlier among women with family history of breast cancer.

“Women with dense breast that mammography cannot definitely diagnose are advised to undergo breast ultrasound together with mammography,” said Habacon.

Dr. Jeneth Habacon

Meanwhile, Habacon said women should also avoid fatty foods to minimize their risk of breast cancer.

“Remember that breast cancer is strongly correlated to the women’s exposure to estrogen. The more you have estrogen, the more you increase your risk of acquiring the disease,” Habacon said.

She added that women with early menarche (first onset of menses) and with late menopause at more at risk to develop breast cancer than those who have late menarche and early menopause.

“Women can’t avoid exposure to estrogen as it comes from the ovaries. As long as she in not menopause, it will be there. However, women can avoid estrogen exposure from extra-ovarian source. There is the peripheral conversion of fats to estrogen. Therefore, we should avoid getting obese and avoid taking in fatty foods,” Habacon said.

October is breast cancer awareness month.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, and according to 2018 data, the incidence is about 2.1 million new cases each year. Its also has the most cancer related deaths among women and more than half of these women will die from the disease.

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