5 Essential lazy beauty routine for people with no time

Taking care of your skin can take so much time and following the trend can be tedious.

For working women with busy schedules, here are some tips to a faster, more convenient skincare routine.

1. Keep your toners near your bathroom sink. To restore the pH balance in your face, you must tone your face within 3 seconds of washing it. Products like Super Aqua Minipore Toner works two ways because it tightens the pores, not only for a gorgeous makeup finish but to prevent dirt from going in.

2. Find an intensive moisturizer. Essences are staples in Korean skincare. Ideally, these should be loaded with moisturizing products so it would not hurt to lay off your moisturizer once in a while. Missha’s Time Revolution series comes with fermented yeast so the nutrients are easier absorbed by the skin. Here’s a tip: transfer your essence to a spray bottle and bring it with you everywhere. This way, you no longer have to use cotton pads, and you can spritz essence on your face even with your makeup on.

3. Use face mask sheets and ampoules interchangeably. For those who find 10 steps to perfect skin tedious, what you can do is apply ampoule every other night when you are not pampering your face with sheet masks. Ampoules are the more concentrated version of serums and there are plenty of variants that will go well with whatever your face needs. Most ampoules reduce skin blemish and promises a clearer complexion but the Time Revolution Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule will give you a happier, energetic, more elastic skin.

When wearing the face sheet, do not forget to squeeze all the remaining essence on the pack to tend to your neck and chin area. This area is a quick indicator of age and treating it with essences can prevent the skin to sag. The Herb in Nude line of Missha Middle East offers a variety whether you need a brightening, purifying, or firming mask.

4. Sunblock is tricky since most of them can cause your face to breakout. Finding a sun-protection product that compliments your skin will take a number of trial-and-error to see what works for you. It is safer to go for a sunblock like Missha’s because their All Around Safe Block sun has a more fluid consistency, non-sticky and lightweight on the skin.

5. Use make up that can double as skin protection. Foundations are great but an even better treat for your skin is to use creams that provides your face with better benefits. The best BB creams provide full-coverage with the added bonus of SPF and antioxidants. Missha M Perfect Cover B.B. Cream is recommended for those who want high-coverage that can cover blemishes in the skin. Its soothing and regenerative properties are what makes it a global hype.

One last tip: classy packaging often gets all the attention and the hype but you may want to opt for travel friendly products and once you find the products that work best for you, stick to them.


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