Whether it is in cylinder-shaped bamboos, tin cans, plastic thrift box, or cylinder-shaped potato chips cans, the concept of “saving money” is not new to Filipinos.

There is the 52-week challenge where you have to save money from the first week of the year all the way to the last. The challenge? The amount you have to save goes higher week after week.

For example, you decide to save 50 pesos in your first week. The next week, you double that amount, putting away 100 pesos. By the third week, you triple the amount you originally started with and put that in your money jar. So on and so forth.

Another money challenge that has gone viral over the past month is the ipon-shade challenge invented by Mathematics teacher in Sorsogon, Sarah May Hallig-Palanca.

According to Palanca, while teaching, she realized how shading examination sheets during quizzes can also be applied in saving money. She said that shading will help money-savers stay organized and challenged.

All you have to do is shade the shade sheet every time you will put money into your thrift box or can. For instance, every time you put a 20-peso bill into your can, you will shade one circle in the 20-peso row of the shade sheet. The end goal is to shade all circles.

The best part about this money challenge is unlike the 52-week money challenge, ipon-shade money challenge does not have a deadline. To save 53,750 pesos and complete the challenge, you will have to save the following amount:

– 100 1-peso coins
– 90 5-peso coins
– 80 10-peso coins
– 70 20-peso bills
– 60 50-peso bills
– 50 100-peso bills
– 40 200-peso bills
– 30 500-peso bills
– 20 1000-peso bills

In case you are abroad and have a different currency, you can simply edit the shade sheet and base it on your currency. We suggest you give it a try. All you need is a can and a print out of the shade sheet that you can download here.

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