Pinay student saves P59,000 by doing 52-week money challenge

A Facebook post of a Filipina student about her own version of the 52-week money saving challenge, which enabled her to save P59,552.20, is making the rounds on the Internet.

Trisha Ysabell Mistica, a student from Bulacan, posted a video and several photos of her alkansya or thrift box where she kept her extra penny over the last 12 months.

According to Mistica, she did not follow any rule or goal. She just dropped every spare change or extra bill from her allowance.

“Bilang student, ang hirap kasi maraming bayarin palagi at ‘yung pugo, shakes at iced tea talagang tiniis ‘ko sa loob ng isang taon para makatipid. Todong tipid talaga ang ginawa ‘ko kahit na mahirap!” she said.

When she finally opened her thrift box to ring in 2018, she was surprised by how much money she was able to save in a span of just 12 months.

You may find the 52-week money saving challenge so hard but it’s a matter of self-control. Just imagine it like a game, but in this case, you can never lose.

Here’s an infographic on how you can save up to Php13,780 in 52 weeks:

Infographic source: iMoney

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