Top 6 life tips from actress Jodi Sta. Maria

Each person has their own source of inspiration. And if you stumble into actress Jodi Sta. Maria’s social media account, you might just get inspired from her motivational quotes.

The 36-year-old actress has truly a lot to share with all the challenges she faced in life.

Sta. Maria admitted becoming alcoholic after separating with ex-husband Pampi Lacson. But she was able to get back on her feet with the help of her son to Lacson named Thirdy, and her new found love actor-politician Jolo Revilla.

Here are the top six inspirational tips from her about life, love and relationship:

1. We are the driver of our life

Jodi quoted the saying of psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl that human have two psychological strength, which are the capacity for decision making and freedom of attitude.

She added that it doesn’t matter how the environment revolves around us, but how we accept it and how we let it impact our lives.

2. Keep Walking. Keep Fighting

Jodi greeted everyone a Happy New Year on Twitter, with words of encouragement that everybody only needs to think positively; and not to let anybody disturb our peace.

3. Believe it’s going to work out

Jodi advised her followers to stop thinking that problems are permanent. Everything, she believes, will work out in their own perfect time.

4. Learn to forgive

One of the best things to do this new year, she said, is to forgive those who wronged us, even if they don’t ask for forgiveness.

Jodi claimed that it is not necessary to trust them again, but this act itself can give people peace of mind and move forward.

5. Believe in you own self-worth

Never ever question yourself, she said, just because of others’ judgements. Jodi reminds her followers that when the feeling insecurity comes into their senses, it could be the perfect time to reinforce self-esteem.

6. Find strength in God’s words

The most important tip from the actress is to always have faith. She said that no matter how tired, challenged, and exhausted people are, as long they keep their faith, they can always bounce back stronger and braver.

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