6 things you need to let go as 2018 begins

Get over 2017 as another year begins. It’s time for a fresh start – a new mindset, new promises, new chances to make more memories.

2018 has just started so take this chance to change some aspects of yourself to have a great year ahead.

Here are our top 10 picks that you need to let go this year:

1. “Kung ginawa ko ‘yon dati, eh di sana hindi ganito ang nangyari.”

Take the New Year as a chance to make new experiences and opportunities for yourself. Do not dwell on “what could have been” or “what if” thoughts because life goes on. Stop lingering in the past but look forward to what’s in store for you in the future instead.

2. “Sana magustuhan nila ‘to. Okay na kaya ‘to para sa kanila?‘”

Stop begging for other people’s attention and approval and start doing what you love for yourself, regardless of what other people might think. Other people will always have something to say about the things you will do so might as well just please yourself above all others.

3. “Sapat na ba ‘tong ginawa ko?”

Evaluating your own self is great. It goes to show that you are open to owning up mistakes and learning more. However, it can get unhealthy if you are overly self-critical about yourself. It can hurt your self-esteem.

4. “Galit ako sa kanya kasi may kasalanan pa siya sa akin nung 1998”

Forgiveness is something that you should generously give to other people this year. Swimming in a pit of hate hinders you from moving on with life because you can’t let go of an emotional burden from the past. Let bygones be bygones!

5. “Hindi ko ‘to kayang gawin.”

Making excuses is immature and it shows that you are not willing to get things done. As they say, “if there is a will, there’s a way.”

6. “Sana ako na lang siya.”

Do you go on social media and be like, “I wish had had her life,” “She is so lucky to have a boyfriend like him,” “Why can’t I be rich like her?” and so on and so forth? Comparing yourself to others is another thing that you need to let go of in 2018. Start appreciating yourself and know your worth so that you will stop feeling jealous about other people’s lives.

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